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Point for Lodz

The Point for Lodz is a plebiscite addressed to citizens of Lodz.

The aim of the project is to give awards to investments, activities and initiatives which improve the image of the city. We want to reward those who make an imaginative effort to care for their environment and, by showing what is possible, encourage others to undertake similar activities. We would like to promote an attractive, elegant image of Lodz - a truly European city.

The Point for Lodz is an award scheme promoting new attitudes towards aesthetic issues and shaping better aesthetic standards in society. The Point can be awarded to a carefully designed shop window or an ambient outdoor café as an example of good urban design, but also to an interesting cultural event or person who introduces something positive to the cityscape. It can be awarded to a small detail which is attractive or a big investment consisting of an ensemble of buildings. After receiving all the applications the jury will agree the categories and award the prizes.

We are calling for applications/nominations which relate to projects undertaken during the last 5 years. The deadline for applications is 31st March 2009.

The project is organised by The Group of Certain People (GPO for short in Polish), an informal group whose concern is the quality of cityscape of Lodz. We came together informally and found common ground to react to problems such as the lack of inhabitants’ sense of responsibility for the appearance of public space, low sensitivity to its aesthetic values or lack of attachment to and identity with the place of living.

We object to the indifference, idleness, untidiness, lack of awareness and attention to aesthetics. We usually manifest our objections to this status quo in the streets and we try to organize our protests in an unconventional manner that attracts media attention and becomes an interesting and somewhat puzzling event for onlookers. We also try to point out the problems in an amusing way: we often gently ridicule authorities’ incompetence so that we can also simply…enjoy the whole process. But we also go beyond just negating the raw reality – when needed we look for and disseminate know-how on good practices, we show possible solutions and actively participate in the development of new policies for our city.

Our concern is the lack of people's sense of responsibility for their city’s image, the low sensibility to the aesthetic issues, the lack of feelings of attachment to the place they live.

We do care about Lodz. We think that Lodz is a city of great, yet woefully underestimated potential. We feel the need to act and to change the present unsatisfactory conditions. The people who think and act likewise belong to our group.

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